glint /ɡlɪnt/

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definition: a small flash of light, especially a reflected one

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, glint is in the bottom 30% of  words in terms of popularity, even lower than gleam, which is in the bottom 50%. That surprised me, because while I have commonly seen glint, as in “his eyes glinted in mischief”, I haven’t quite seen gleam being used in my creative writing classes.

I like this word, because it reminds me of dragonflies and little darting silverfish – and these in turn remind me of the childhood books I’d read, the adventures of the Famous Five and the Faraway Tree, plus so many other books of Enid Blyton. I really do wonder how popular her books are today. The current literature scene kind of – you know, gives me cause for worry because it’s so difficult to find a well-written book that stands out independently of its plot; and so difficult to find plots that are original.

Here are some of my favourite books in the recent years, and the only few I find are good. 100% welcoming any book recommendations!

  • a thousand splendid suns
  • the song of achilles
  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
  • tell the wolves i’m home
  • the bear and the nightingale
  • the luster of lost things